James Romberger comics checklist

w: writing a: art c: color

Umbra #4 “Lazarus” 9p wa (b&w version) Portugal: Umbra, 2023

Naked Raygun: Broken Things etched 7″ record/ 16p wa & color w/ Josh Bayer Xylophone Media, 2022

Post York (revised, expanded) cover, 100p wa/ “Higher Ground” research essay w/Unbuilt Labs) Berger Books/Dark Horse, 2021 For Real #1 cover/ “The Oven” 20p wa/ “The Real Thing” (essay) Uncivilized Books 2019

Now #7 “Au Jour d’Hui” 4p wa Fantagraphics, 2019

So Buttons #9 “So…Rare” 2p a w/Jonathan Baylis Alchemy Comix, 2018

MINE “The Morality of Birth Control” w/O. Crifasi & M. Van Cook Planned Parenthood, 2017

Thought Bubble #3 “Melusine” w/M. Van Cook 1p a Image Comics 2015

Ink Brick #3 “Perfectly Manicured to the Bone” w/M. Van Cook 1p a Ink Brick, 2015

“Daddy” w/Josh Simmons / (minicomic, 2 colors) Oily Comics, 2014/ (b&w web version) Study Group, 201?/ Flayed Corpse (color version in hc collection) Fantagraphics Books, 2018

The Late Child and Other Animals (graphic novel) w/M. Van Cook (“Nature Lessons” nominated for an Ignatz award for best story, 2015) Fantagraphics, 2014

7 Miles a Second (hc expanded with remastered color) Fantagraphics, 2013/ 7 Miles a Second (sc) Ground Zero Books, 2018

“East 12th Street NYC 1984” /Smoke Signal #16 Desert Island, 2013/ Aces Weekly v 30 , U.K. 2017

Sensitive Skin /#8 “They” /#9 “1977” Peau Sensible, 2012

Post York (w/ flexidisc by Crosby, 2013 Eisner award nominee for best single issue) Uncivilized Books 2012

Aaron and Ahmed (graphic novel) w/Jay Cantor and Jose Villarrubia. DC/Vertigo, 2011

MOME #22 “Loving Bin Laden” 10p wac Fantagraphics, 2011

Bronx Kill (graphic novel) w/Peter Milligan DC/Vertigo, 2010

Tales from the Crypt (all 20p a w/color by Marguerite Van Cook) Papercutz/NBM 2008-10 / book #9 “Kill, Baby, Kill” w/Scott Lobdell/ book #8 “Carrier” w/John L. Lansdale / book #7 “Night Traveler” w/John L. Lansdale/ comic #11 “Little Darlin'” w/John L. Lansdale / #9 “Chicken Man” w/John L. Lansdale / #8 “Virtual Hoodoo” w/Joe R. & John L. Lansdale / #6 “A Ripping Good Time” w/Joe R. & John L. Lansdale/ #5 “Kid Tested, Mother Approved” w/Jared Gniewek (+cover w/M. Van Cook)/ #4 “Crystal Clear” w/Don McGregor

Mammoth Book of Best New Manga vol. 3 “Ground Zero: The Woge” w/M. Van Cook, “St. Mark’s Jaguar (color version)/2A,” and “In the Yard/Roof Crew” w/Crosby UK: Robinson, 2008

Blurred Vision #3 “You Asked Me About Barbara” w/Stephen Lack 4p a Blurred Books 2007

NYC Mech: Beta Love #1 “Minimechs” w/M. Van Cook Image, 4/2005

NYC Mech #6 (layouts, pgs. 12-26 ) w/ Ivan Brandon & Andy Macdonald Image, 9/2004

Hellblazer #142 “One Last Love Song” w/ Warren Ellis & James Sinclair Vertigo/DC, 1999, reprinted in Hellblazer: Setting Sun (collection), 2004

Strange Adventures #2 “Ice Cream Comes to Wharftown” w/Colin Raff & M. Van Cook Vertigo/DC, 12/1999

Flinch / #8 “Guts” w/Greg Rucka & Lee Loughridge / #5 “Peeping Bob” w/ C. Raff & M. Van Cook (color miscredited)/ Vertigo/DC 1999.

Heartthrobs #3 “Sleeping Beauty & M. Van Cook Vertigo/DC, 3/1999.

Gangland #2 “Platinum Nights” w/ Lucius Shepard & M. Van Cook Vertigo/DC, 7/1998, reprinted in Gangland (collection) 201?

Weird War #1 “Ares” w/Brian Azzarello & M. Van Cook Vertigo/DC, 6/1997

Seven Miles a Second graphic novel w/ D. Wojnarowicz & M. Van Cook Vertigo/DC 1996

20/20 Visions #s 7-9 “Renegade” w/ Jamie Delano & James Sinclair Vertigo/DC 1995. Collections: (hc, b&w) by Cyberosia Press, 2004/ (sc, b&w) Speakeasy, 2005 / (sc, color)ComicsMix, 2019/ “Renegade” (sc) ?, Spain, 200?/ (hc) ?? Italy, 200?

Big Book series DC/ Paradox Press 1994-2000/ The Big Book of Urban Legends “The Body on the Car”/…of Weirdos “Adolph Hitler” /…of Death “The Disposal Dilemma” /…of Little Criminals “The Mad Bomber” /…of Hoaxes “Hearst’s Hoaxes” /…of Thugs “The Crazy Butch Gang” /…of Losers “Smokeless Smokes”/…of Bad “Architect of the Final Solution”/ …of the Weird Wild West “The Seven Cities of Gold”/ …of Vice “Albert Hoffman” and “Timothy Leary”/ …of Grimm “Allerleirauh”/ …of the 70s (intro and postscript) /

“Ground Zero” (strip) w/M.Van Cook 1984-present / East Village Eye (monthly) #s?-?/ Redtape #s ? and ?/ Pretty Decorating #s? and ?/ Avenue E #? / World War 3 Illustrated #13/ Legal Action Comics #1/ Racist America (tabloid show catalogue)/ Your House is Mine (tabloid) Bullet Space/ Columbia: a Journal of Literature and Art #27/The Mammoth Book of Best New Manga #3

World War 3 Illustrated (activist comics zine) 1983-present /#47 “Post York” (cover) /#38 “Dark Matters” / #37 “Dark Matters” / #36 “In a Happier World” / #32 “9/4/01”, “St. Mark’s Jaguar”/ #15 “The City Lies” / #14 “Euphoria” / #13 (cover) “Ripped Witness”, “Ground Zero” w/M. Van Cook / #12 (cover w/M. Van Cook) illustrations: “My Oakland, There is a There There”, by Ishmael Reed, and “Careening toward California” by Elmer Lang / #11 “Thirst” w/ D. Wojnarowicz / #7 “Flesh Flying” / #5 “Jesus in Hell” / #4 “Esant 3 2 1” / #3 “Crazy Town”, centerspread, “Blue Tips” / Collections: World War 3 Illustrated: 1979–2014 “Jesus in Hell” (color) PM Press, 2014 World War 3 Illustrated (cover) “Ripped Witness” (color) 4 Walls 8 Windows, 1995 World War 3 Illustrated “Jesus in Hell” (b&w) Fantagraphics, 1989

Epic #12, 1983 “The Condora” / #8, 1982 “The Heart of the City” / #4, 1981 “Satri” (inks) Marvel Comics

Scat #?, 1980