The Late Child and Other Animals Cover

James Romberger’s ecological comic Post York was published in 2012 by Uncivilized Books; it includes a flexi-disc by his son Crosby and was nominated for an 2013 Eisner Award for Best Single Issue. He is currently working on a follow up.

In November 2014  Fantagraphics Books published The Late Child and Other Animals, a graphic novel written and colored by Marguerite Van Cook and adapted and drawn by Romberger. It was been translated by Emilie and Barbara Lehin with the title L’Enfant inattendue, and was released in October 2014 in France by Editions çà et là.

The  acclaimed Seven Miles A Second, Romberger and Van Cook’s graphic novel done in collaboration with multimedia artist and AIDS activist David Wojnarowicz was first published in 1996 by Vertigo and then in a revised, expanded edition as 7 Miles a Second in February 2013 by Fantagraphics Books, as it was simultaneously translated into French and published by Editions çà et là.

L'Enfant inattendue cover

Romberger writes critically for The Comics Journal and Study Group Magazine.


(photograph on mainpage by Marguerite Van Cook)



James Romberger comics checklist


Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 4   Pinup of Phase 2   w/M. Van Cook Fantagraphics 2016

Thought Bubble #3   Melusine w/M. Van Cook  Image Comics 2015

Ink Brick #3   Perfectly Manicured to the Bone w/M. Van Cook   Ink Brick 2015

The Late Child and Other Animals graphic novel w/Marguerite Van Cook  Fantagraphics Books 2014 (published in France as L’Enfant inattendue by Editions çà et là)

Daddy w/Josh Simmons (minicomic) Oily Comics 2014

Study Group #3D  Shits vs. Johnsons  Study Group Comics  2014

World War 3 Illustrated (anthology hardcover) Jesus in Hell (color version) PM Press 2014

Smoke Signal #16 East 12th Street NYC 1984 Desert Island 2013

7 Miles a Second (expanded 2nd edition) graphic novel w/ D. Wojnarowicz & M. Van Cook (2014 Eisner award nominee) Fantagraphics Books 2013 (published in France by Editions çà et là)

Sensitive Skin #8 They Peau Sensible 2012

Post York w/ flexidisc by Crosby (2013 Eisner award nominee) Uncivilized Books 2012

Aaron and Ahmed graphic novel w/Jay Cantor and Jose Villarrubia DC/Vertigo 2011

MOME #22 Loving Bin Laden Fantagraphics Books, 2011

Bronx Kill graphic novel w/Peter Milligan DC/Vertigo 2010

Tales from the Crypt all w/color by Marguerite Van Cook Papercutz/NBM / book #9 Kill, Baby, Kill w/Scott Lobdell 2010 / book #8 Carrier w/John L. Lansdale 2009 / book #7 Night Traveler w/John L. Lansdale 2009 / #11 Little Darlin’ w/John L. Lansdale 3/2009 / #9 Chicken Man w/John L. Lansdale 11/2008 / #8 Virtual Hoodoo w/Joe R. & John L. Lansdale 9/2008. / #6 A Ripping Good Time w/Joe R. & John L. Lansdale 5/2008 / #5 Kid Tested, Mother Approved w/Jared Gniewek (+cover w/M. Van Cook) 3/2008 / #4 Crystal Clear w/Don McGregor 1/2008

Mammoth Book of Best New Manga vol. 3. The Woge w/M. Van Cook/ St. Marks Jaguar / NY Stories w. Crosby UK: Robinson, 2008

Blurred Vision #3 You Asked Me About Barbara w/Stephen Lack Blurred Books 2007

NYC Mech: Beta Love #1 Minimechs w/M. Van Cook Image 4/2005

NYC Mech #6 (layouts, pgs. 12-26 ) w/ Ivan Brandon & Andy Macdonald Image 9/2004

Hellblazer #142 One Last Love Song w/ Warren Ellis & James Sinclair Vertigo/DC 2005 (reprinted in Hellblazer: Setting Sun trade paperback)

Strange Adventures #2 Ice Cream Comes to Wharftown w/C. Raff & M. Van CookDC/Vertigo 12/1999

Flinch #8 Guts w/Greg Rucka & Lee Loughridge  DC/Vertigo 1999.

Flinch #5 Peeping Bob w/ Colin Raff & M. Van Cook (color miscredited) DC/Vertigo 1999.

Heartthrobs #3 Sleeping Beauty w/ M. Van Cook DC/Vertigo 3/1999.

Gangland #2 Platinum Nights w/ Lucius Shepard & M. Van Cook DC/Vertigo 7/1998 (reprinted in Gangland trade paperback)

Weird War #1 Ares w/Brian Azzarello & M. Van CookDC/Vertigo 6/1997

20/20 Visions #s 7-9 Renegade w/ Jamie Delano & James Sinclair DC/Vertigo 2005 (reprinted in hardcover by Cyberosia Press 2004 / paperback by Speakeasy Comics 2005)

Seven Miles a Second graphic novel w/ D. Wojnarowicz & M. Van Cook DC/Vertigo 1996

Big Book of Death The Disposal Dilemma / Big Book of Weirdos Adolf Hitler / Big Book of  Little Criminals George Metesky: The Mad Bomber / Big Book of Bad Heinrich Himmler / Big Book of  Thugs The Crazy Butch Gang / Big Book of  The Weird Wild West The Seven Cities of Gold / Big Book of  Vice Albert Hoffman, Timothy Leary/ Big Book of Grimm Allerleirauh  / Big Book of the 70s (intro, postscript) DC/Paradox Press, 1994-1997

World War 3 Illustrated (anthology) Ripped Witness (color section) 4 Walls 8 Windows 1995

World War 3 Illustrated (anthology) Jesus in Hell Fantagraphics 1989

World War 3 Illustrated member of comics collective, 1983-present / #38 Dark Matters / #37 Dark Matters / #36 In a Happier World / #32 9/4/01, St. Mark’s Jaguar / #15 The City Lies / #14 Euphoria / #13 (cover) Ripped Witness / Ground Zero w/ M. Van Cook / #12 (cover w/ M. Van Cook) illustrations: My Oakland, There is a There There, by Ishmael Reed / #11 Thirst w/ D. Wojnarowicz / #7 Flesh Flying / #5 Jesus in Hell / #4 Esant 3 2 1 / #3 Crazy Town / Blue Tips /

East Village Eye Ground Zero monthly strip w/ M. Van Cook 2/1984-7/84

Epic Illustrated / 12/1983 The Condora w/Ray Jadwick / 8/1982 The Heart of the City w/ M. Gallagher / 4/1981 Satri (inks) w/M. Gallagher Marvel Comics