James Romberger is an American artist and cartoonist known for his depictions of New York’s Lower East Side. Romberger’s pastel drawings of the ravaged landscape of the Lower East Side and its citizens are in many public and private collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Brooklyn Museum in New York City.
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Boom For Real

Boom For Real

Whoever would not understand me would not understand any better the roaring of a tiger. Aimé Césaire I never knew Jean-Michel Basquiat, although we were of the same time and place and had friends in common, but I recognized his abilities the moment I saw his work. I can still recall how his painting resonated...
Wojnarowicz's Apostasy

Wojnarowicz’s Apostasy

“Ants are the only insects to keep pets, use tools, make war and capture slaves.” — David Wojnarowicz A Fire in My Belly, a film with a depiction of fire ants swarming over a crucifix, was removed from the Hide/Seek exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian through the intercession of the president...